Payment information

For the ad campaign in AdHub services can be paid with WebMoney service.

logo WebMoney system

To do this:

  1. Sign up AdHub on the site.
  2. logged into your account.
  3. Go to the panel advertiser.
  4. Run WebMoney client.
  5. Under Balance use the option Top up balance through WebMoney.
  6. Specify the amount by which you want to top up your balance.
  7. Press Checkout.
  8. page opens the system Merchant WebMoney Transfer, in which payment will be made.
  9. Follow the instructions of service Merchant WebMoney Transfer.
  10. After the success of the payment amount will be immediately credited to the balance of advertiser.

If for any reason to hold payment failed , please contact customer support AdHub. To do this:

  • Create a ticket through the ticket system in the section  Help Ticket system
  • Write an e-mail or send a message via the form feedback.

Featured Products and services are not commissioned by a person or enterprise operating system WebMoney Transfer. We are an independent entity providing services and making decisions about pricing and offers. Enterprises operating system WebMoney Transfer, do not receive commissions or other remuneration for their participation in the provision of services and shall have no liability for our activities. Certification, manufactured by WebMoney Transfer, only confirms our contact information and identity. She performed at our request and did not mean that we in any way connected with the sales system operators WebMoney.