General provisions
Rules of participation in the role of webmaster
Rules of engagement an advertiser

General provisions

  1. Affiliate program provides the opportunity to earn the affiliate, by placing ads advertisers pay-per-click and display on their resources, and advertisers to buy an audience (traffic) data with resources.
  2. Participation in the system is available either as an advertiser or as a publisher.
  3. To participate you need to pass register.
  4. Party is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information specified during registration.
  5. Member is solely responsible for the safety of their login and password to access the service and for any losses that may occur due to unauthorized use of its login, password and/or channel access. AdHub is not responsible and will not reimburse losses caused by unauthorized access of third parties to the interfaces of the user account.
  6. the Partner is not entitled to transfer to third parties your username and password that allows you to obtain access to the affiliate interface. All actions that require use of the login and password are the perfect partner.
  7. participation in the system includes the acceptance of these rules and it is impossible without user confirmation that the rules he read and accepted.
  8. Rules enter into force upon user registration in the system AdHub and putting “tick” about the phrase “I agree with the rules of the system and undertake to observe them" on the registration page. By registering, you automatically agree with the rules of the system.
  9. news system, published in news, are part of this agreement.
  10. management reserves the right to refuse participation in the affiliate program without explanation.
  11. the Ad network has the right to suspend ads for technical, technological or other reasons, at the time of such reasons.

  12. In case of prolonged inactivity of a user account may be frozen.

Rules of participation in the role of webmaster:

1. Accepted:

  1. Russian-language web sites c attendance from 500 unique hosts per day, which is stored on the site for one month or more.
  2. With traffic mainly from the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
  3. Accept sites with PC traffic, sites with mobile traffic (WAP sites) applications/games for social networks (after the technology agreement placement).
  4. are Normally indexed by the major search engines.
  5. Participating in at least one public system of statistics (Liveinternet, Google Analytics, Yandex.Metric, etc.), and providing access to it with indication of traffic sources.
  6. Minimum level of detail statistics (but not limited to): views, visitors, visitor sources, internal transitions, search phrases, countries, browsers.
  7. the website Traffic should be mostly search with the ratio of backfill to not less than 50%.
  8. Site is accepted into the system upon approval of the moderator.
  9. Sites on free hosting (ucoz, narod and others) are strictly selective at the discretion of the moderator. In order to get into the system, your free website needs to be really high quality. the 99.9% of the total flow of the submitted sites rejected. Practically, this means that sites on free hosting are not accepted.
  10. of the Webmaster may involve registration in the affiliate referral program (other webmasters and advertisers) using a referral link from a personal account.

2. Does not accept sites:

  1. Violation legislation of the Russian Federation.
  2. Violating the license of the search engines.
  3. With a large amount of advertising, with an aggressive ad formats (e.g. not closing Windows, etc.).
  4. Sites with viruses or other malicious code. Sites that do not pass security checks browsers IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome. Located in the black lists of search engines and antivirus programs.
  5. With poor traffic. AdHub quality considers only those impressions and conversions for ads that were committed users really interested in the ads. All means and methods of artificially increasing or otherwise changing the number of clicks or impressions of ads are prohibited without exception.
  6. Not finished, under development.
  7. does Not have its own content created for the sole purpose of redirecting the user to other pages, not presenting the benefits to visitors.
  8. Offering or advertising earnings for the views/navigation, and similar types of zarabotok on the Internet and sites, urging visitors to click on the advertisement (a click-clubs, SAR systems group saimatelecom, exchange tasks, mail sponsors, and any other way motivirovannyj traffic).
  9. management reserves the right not to collaborate with certain websites without explanation.

3. Forbidden:

  1. Provide false data during the registration process. The webmaster is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information specified during registration.
  2. to Register for one person multiple accounts of the webmaster, including the purpose of separation of sites (all sites must be in the same account, the schema for each website your account banned), in addition to those cases, when  it is dependent on technology and pre-agreed with the administration.
  3. to Add the same web site twice in the system.
  4. wrapping Forbidden in any form.
  5. is Strictly prohibited under any kind of clicking self ad on your website (including using proxy servers and anonymizers), as well as to encourage visitors to do this, for example, under the guise of helping the site, remuneration, bonuses, fraud, misrepresentation.
  6. to Trigger automatic transitions on advertising by visitors by using scripts, services and software to automatically perform clicks, exchange clicks, and initiate demonstrations.
  7. to Attract referral program partners (referrals), placing affiliate links on resources that encourage visitors to commit artificial clicks on ads: click-clubs, CAP system, a group of saimatelecom, exchange tasks, mail sponsors, iframe traffic, autosurfing, directories CAP systems, etc.
  8. Manipulation of the content of the ad unit.
  9. to Place the unit on an advertising phrase that attracts attention to the artificial, such as “note”, “Our sponsors”, “Click on the ad”, “Support us”, “Menu”, “Paid advertisement”, “here”  etc.
  10. Block should be issued on the website of the webmaster as a separate column or stretching. The visitor should be clear that this ad unit are not allowed to fake teasers under pictures, videos, or to mislead him in other ways. For matching non-standard placement of pre-contact support.
  11. it is Forbidden to hide the text ads in the ad unit (to make it invisible, transparent, unreadable, too small, same color background, etc.).
  12. to Hide or change the referrer. The number of clicks with no referrer must not exceed 50%. The administration may require the submission of detailed statistics on traffic sources, in case referrer is not defined and is not additionally confirmed by the property.
  13. the Placement of blocks on sites not registered in the system.
  14. Placing one code on multiple sites.
  15. to Ignore the requests of the administration. To enter the administration misled in any way.
  16. the Publisher undertakes to carry out the replacement program code broadcast ads service for 15 working days from the moment of sending to the address specified during the registration of the request.

4. Lock platforms and account

  1. IMPORTANT! In case of detection of cheating, falsification of transitions to cheat the system - webmaster's account will be blocked without payment !
  2. Repeat participation in the system is possible not earlier than 6 months after blocking with the full elimination of all infringements.
  3. All funds credited to the affiliate for low quality transitions are removed and returned to the affected advertisers.
  4. the administration has the right to apply in respect of an unfair partner penalty penalty.
  5. management reserves the right to suspend advertising on the site without explanation.
  6. administration reserves the right to block the account without the possibility of access to the system, withdrawal and subsequent release.
  7. ATTENTION! Violation of the above regulation leaves the Administration the right to delete your account without payment!
  8. Advertising network shall have the right to sue the WMID of the affiliate in accordance with the rules of WebMoney.
  9. Account user who does not have confirmed registration, is deleted in one month.
  10. once an account becomes inactive for more than 12 months, the Administration reserve the right to remove unused account.
  11. When you delete your account your money remain in the system and are non-refundable.

5. Payments

  1. Payments to affiliates are available every week from Thursday to Sunday last week (usually it is Thursday).
  2. the demand for payment can be created both in manual and automatic mode at the discretion of the webmaster (selected in the profile).
  3. Redeemed all applications created prior to 23:59 hours..
  4. After consultation with customer support for VIP webmasters possible daily payments on request.
  5. At the request of the partner can transfer funds from the account of the affiliate to the advertiser's account (via ticket).

Rules of participation in the role of advertiser:

1. Limitation of liability:

  1. the Advertiser shall be liable in full for compliance with all legal requirements, including legislation on advertising, intellectual property, on competition.
  2. Advertiser undertakes when creating and editing advertising campaigns to comply with all requirements of the established rules for advertising materials and the terms of the placement, as well as all applicable regulations and requirements of applicable law, including Federal Law “On advertising”, intellectual property law, Federal law “On protection of competition”, but not limited to those listed.
  3. the Advertiser is responsible in full for the authenticity of the information specified during registration as a user.
  4. Ad network under no circumstances is not responsible for: (a) any action/inaction as a direct or indirect result of acts/omission of the advertiser and/or third parties; b) any indirect losses and/or lost profits of the advertiser and/or third parties irrespective of, whether there could be an ad network to anticipate the possibility of such damages or not.
  5. For the correctness in the campaign hyperlinks and accessibility it advertised resource full responsibility of the advertiser. Claims will not be accepted if: a) the client's server was not available b) the hyperlink is specified incorrectly) in the hyperlink user mistakes, in which the page is not available or not transferred to the specified parameters (e.g., parameters for analysis).
  6. the administration has the right to control the advertisements of the advertiser in accordance with the rules prior to the beginning of the campaign, and at any time after the start of advertising campaign. In the event of failure of the advertisement rules, the administration reserves the right to refuse or discontinue any advertisement.
  7. In case of violation of rules described by the advertiser, the advertising network may suspend the use of the system until removed by the advertiser for the violations and redress (compensation) caused by advertising networks such violation damages in full.
  8. the parties Hereby agreed that in case at the time of completion of the advertising campaign features the balance obtained from the difference produced by the sponsor of the prepaid and received by the advertiser the actual result, the difference between these amounts is recognized made by the advertiser in payment (prepayment) of the existing and future campaigns, except when otherwise expressly provided by the terms of the offer, or additionally agreed by the parties.

    Advertising campaign is considered successful if, within 14 days after its completion, the advertiser is not received a written motivated objections. All questions for completed advertising campaigns will not be accepted after the time specified above, any claims regarding shortcomings, including the amount (volume) and quality are not accepted.

  9. AdHub reserves the right not to refund the money spent on poor quality, in the opinion of the advertiser, clicks but not recognized after verification by the staff of the AdHub service.

2. Requirements for advertising materials:

  1. do Not place ads that violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  2. Declaration must be written in proper English without errors.
  3. Not allowed in the ad text of obscenities and foul language.
  4. you can't use a lot of exclamation marks, the text is composed entirely in uppercase letters, as well as design symbols for decorative purposes.
  5. the Chosen theme should correspond to the content of the advertisement.
  6. Declaration must correspond to the advertised material on the content. It is forbidden to enter the visitor astray in any way.
  7. Not allowed to declare any personal data.
  8. Title should be a complete sentence.
  9. it is Forbidden to use the words-amplifiers, not bearing semantic load: "Shock!", "Sensation!", etc.
  10. it is Forbidden to use in ad text characters and html tags.
  11. allow the promotion of web resources, infected with virus and other programs that may harm the visitor's computer.
  12. Link should lead directly to the page where the advertised material.
  13. When using pop-UPS, flash banners, they must use the close button located prominently.
  14. it is Forbidden to use as promotional materials shocking and repulsive visitors images, namely: photos of diseases organs, footage from horror films, tragedies, naked body parts in advertising about losing weight, etc.
  15. Violation of these rules leaves the administration the right to prevent advertising campaign or an ad to be shown.
  16. responsible for using in the advertising campaign of the third party materials are the responsibility of the advertiser.
  17. the moderator has the right to adjust campaign settings for optimum process within the network, and if they do not comply with the rules.