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Monetize your websites profitably!

For publisher

Are you the owner of qualitative website and you want to make some money by your project?

  • Actual formats: native and popunder.
  • CPC, CPM, CPA. High bids. High profit. High CTR.
  • Qualitative clickable ADS. Flexible customization of display advertising.
  • Weekly payout. Stable payouts since 2010.

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Pay per click
Earn on your sites by advertising pay-per-click advertising
High CTR
High CTR 1.00-2.00%. Qualitative, diverse, highly paid advertising for all subjects
Modern high-yield advertising formats: teasers and clicker
Stable and high income. Profitable monetize your traffic - the cost of transfer 1.00-5.00 rub. and higher
Referral system
10% for invited webmasters and advertisers
Flexible settings
Flexible settings for showing ads - you choose which ads to show and which ones do not
Ad Designer
Convenient design of ads, allowing you to customize the appearance of ad units under website design.
Proven ad
Check campaigns for viruses - checking purity advertising
Detailed statistics online
Weekly payments
Weekly payments via WebMoney. Low payout threshold is only 100 RUB Steadily pay partners since 2010.
The best support
Individual approach and support webmasters. Responsive support always happy to help.
Quick moderation
We quickly check the new sites

How to start?

Allow your website to generate passive income right now! For this three simple steps:

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