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Adhub Advertising Network is International private held media company. We have been working since 2010 and we are growing every day. Our media platform buys and sells targeted traffic with pay-per-click (CPC). Redemption of traffic carried out by means of actual ad formats and technology. At the time of data AdHub is a hightech tool in the field of traffic and the sales functions as self-service platform that unites webmasters and advertisers from more than 30+ countries.

We work with all types of traffic. We do not just work with the traffic, and working with the traffic on the result. Honest auction rates and competent policy of building relationships with partners based on years of experience of our advertising network, allows you to maintain optimum market bids for both webmasters and advertisers.

Our team are experts in traffic, monetization and conversion. Our team is developing together with the project every day. Historically, strong technical background is the project allows you to operate an affiliate program AdHub at the height of technology, experts in the field of traffic-margetinga, sometimes making it impossible to squeeze out of the traffic all to the last click, qualified management provides professional support to partners and to fine-tune how advertising campaigns and sources traffic.