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  • Detailed statistics. Lots of targeting options. 

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Effective advertising formats
Effective advertising formats for obtaining maximum volumes of HQ traffic: Native Ads, Banners, PopUnder
Native Ads
Native ad - an advertising message has been built according to the conception of the riddle and integrated in the page content
PopUnder (Clickunder)
Advert's page opens in a new window of browser
Pay per click (CPC)
An adequate price for the market for one target visitor's transition
Pay per impressions (CPM)
Possibility of buying traffic with pay per impression
30+ targeting types
All types of targeting: geo-targeting, time-targeting, by subject, by type of traffic (mobile or regular).
Different countries
We sell traffic from the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, as well as other countries, including English-speaking countries
Top up easy
Visa/MasterCard cards, electronic wallets (WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex), PayPal, EpayService, WIRE, non-cash payment by agreement
High-quality targeted traffic
HQ targeted traffic on various topics, wide audience coverage
Detailed statistics in real time
All types of traffic
We sell both mobile (phones, tablets), and desktop traffic (laptops, fixed computers, consoles)
All platforms
Targeting on the platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc.
Operator traffic
Buyout of traffic by operators: MTS, Beeline, Megafon, operators of Azerbaijan
API for pros - automated ad loading, remote statistics retrieval, starting and stopping campaigns, etc.
Individual approach
We love an individual approach - a personal manager will help to quickly resolve any issues

Our geo

Top 15 countries sold traffic for the last 30 days

# Flag Country Traffic
1 Russia
2 United States
3 Ukraine
4 United Kingdom
5 Brazil
6 Germany
7 Turkey
8 France
9 Canada
10 Belgium
11 Spain
12 Belarus
13 Italy
14 Kazakhstan
15 Romania

And dozens of other countries. In order to know the exact amount of traffic, please contact the Manager.

How to start?

Start getting targeted HQ traffic right now. It's easy peasy! You have to perform only 3 steps:

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Step 2. Add an ad
Create an ad campaign. Choose format, type url, categories, targeting. After that, create an ad and top up the balance.
Step 3. Get customers!
Get new customers, track statistics, optimize ads.
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