Protecting advertisers

AdHub is very serious about the security of the advertising therefore, to protect against invalid (unfair, wrong, motivated) transitions using multi-level technology, which includes both automatic and manual methods of traffic filtering.

Each click on the ad in real time is analyzed by automatic filters that take into account tens of parameters. Methods used for comprehensive tracking of clicks, making it possible not only to filter out potentially unscrupulous clique, but also to improve the automatic protection system. All of these actions system, our specialists aim to prevent wrapping of impressions and clicks on ads.

Clicks identified as invalid are not counted in the statistics and money for them is not deducted from the advertiser's account. All methods of creating artificial and unfair of clicks or impressions is strictly prohibited.

If, in your opinion, the system of protection against cheating did not work, write to support. We will conduct additional traffic analysis and, if the facts are confirmed, the money for the unscrupulous clique nourish. The webmaster, from which was made invalid transitions are blocked.

24 may 2021