My site was blocked. Why?

It could be for the following reasons:

  1. Gross violation of the rules of the system.
  2. The use of systems of active promotion of sites, the so-called SAR.
  3. Traffic without referrer or with a forged referrer.
  4. A large number of "questionable" clicks of unknown origin, inadequate website earnings, as well as too low or too high conversion rates.
  5. The complaint of the advertiser on poor-quality traffic coming from your site.

If the lock is produced wrongly, and you always abide by the rules of the system and our recommendations, please contact support, give an explanation why did the blockage and compare the logs and detailed statistics.

ATTENTION! Be sure before creating a ticket please read carefully the current edition of the rules system:

Remember, the purpose of the advertising system, not ban the site, and to provide webmasters the opportunity to earn and advertisers to obtain quality traffic.

24 may 2021