Improving the efficiency

AdHub provides partners with useful tools for analysis and access to detailed statistics, which allow the webmaster can affect the effectiveness of advertising and, consequently, increase the revenue of the website.

How to make the ad units work as efficiently as possible?

  1. Experiment on the design of ad units and constantly monitor your audience's interests — this will allow you to get a stable high income.
  2. Thanks to the powerful Configurator display ads, ad block, you can actually successfully integrate into the design of any site, making the unit more attractive for visitors.
  3. Choose it for your website with a few color options for commercials and for some time alternately use each of them on the website. Focus on the colors of ad unit that brings the highest CTR.
  4. Check how well located and decorated ad units on the design and structure of your website.
  5. Change the number of ads in the block and see how it affected revenue.
  6. Explore how advertising works in different sections of the site.

We conducted an analysis and found that although the Configurator ad units contains more than 30 settings to customize, but uses them less than half of all users. Don't neglect the block settings.

At first glance, the Configurator quite a lot of options, but don't worry - we have done everything to use it was easy and intiutive clear:

Конфигуратор тизерных блоков

IMPORTANT! More harmonious than the block ads will be included in the design of the website, the higher its CTR and thus profits of the webmaster.

An example of the ad unit:

Пример тизерного блока

24 may 2021