Monetization of site traffic

By AdHub Team on 01.05.2021

How to monetize the traffic and what it is. Traffic monetization - this is money visitors (audience) to your site using the system purchase/sale of traffic, also referred to as: advertising/teaser/bannery setei or just traffic exchange.

When it's time to engage in the monetization of traffic?

100% of the time has come to start working with affiliate programs with pay-per-click when Your site:

  1. Is age 6 months or older.
  2. Hosted on a paid hosting and has a domain name of the second level.
  3. Has good daily attendance of 100 unique visitors per day. The more the better.
  4. Has good pokazateli the TIC and PR.
  5. Is in good position in the search results.
  6. Has a good base of live active users.

In order to begin to monetize your site?

To make it easy. To do this:

  1. To choose a suitable system of purchase/sale of traffic.
  2. To register in it.
  3. Pass the moderation.
  4. To place a special code on all pages of your site.