By AdHub Team on 01.05.2021

Clickunder (clickunder) is traffic not of the highest quality, but at the same time it is the high volume and cheap advertising format. In this format, visitors to the site webmaster by clicking anywhere on the page opens in background new tab or browser window.

Clickunder the window is opened in parallel in the background of the main website and does not take advertising space on the website. Payment is made on the classical model PPC per click. To calculate clickunder for convenience accepted at thousands of. For example, a typical response of the Manager of the advertising network on the question of the price of a click clickunder - $ 100. per 1000 clicks.

In order to use clickunder to get a good return from advertising, it is necessary to remember and observe the basic rules:

  • Fast hosting. Landing page should be as close as possible to the country of the user. No heavy Tchitchikov and metrics. Great server response time and the user leaves the site, not even allowing him to upload.
  • Light and bright landing. If the landing will be hard and ugly, the user will close for a few seconds. Maximum optimize and adapt your selling page. Registration or application made of two or three fields, not more.
  • Mass product or accurate targeting. The greater the number of people you want Your advertised product, the more benefits will bring clickunder.
  • Volumes. Volume, volume and again volume. Thanks to its moderate price in comparison with other formats clickunder can be purchased in the thousands and tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands. If you require precise target audience from the very first clicks, don't consider clickunder and go directly to the teasers.

In General, clickunder interesting format to find their audience. Most importantly do not be afraid to experiment and test.