Arbitration traffic

By AdHub Team on 01.05.2021

What is the arbitrage traffic? Arbitration of traffic is the search and purchase through different sources on the model of PPC or PPI with its subsequent delivery and monetization in CPA networks. Arbitration of the traffic originated in the result of the development and evolution of the Internet advertising market of the search traffic to purchase.

Let us consider the functioning of this model of Internet advertising at the moment. To begin let us examine basic terms.

We buy traffic?

Traffic is purchased on several models:

PPC / pay per click (eng. — "pay per click") is an advertising model where the advertiser buys advertising with pay per click.

PPI / pay per impression (from English. — "pay per impression") is an advertising model where the advertiser buys advertising with pay per 1000 impressions.

Possible buying more static sites or articles with payment for the month, but it is beyond the scope of this article.

Where to buy traffic for arbitrage?

  1. Teaser network.
  2. Traffic exchange.
  3. Context.
  4. The banner network.
  5. Groups in social networks.
  6. Directly on the sites.

Some other options that will appear after this writing will not be considered.

How do we monetize the traffic?

CPA / cost per action - payment of interest is made for action, for example, the sale of goods, user registration, etc.

CPL / cost per lead - a simplified version where the reward is paid only for example per application or questionnaire, but you do not requisite that a man came into the store and bought the goods.

CPI / cost per install - pay per install (installation), most mobile applications for Android or iOS.